Easy Access Developers, LLC a Santa Cruz, California based real estate development firm

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Some of our recent project include the following:

Redwood Commons Project - 1606 Soquel Avenue- Our largest project to date, this is a 38 unit Single Room Occupancy rental building. We partnered with the City of Santa Cruz and the State of California to obtain $2,000,000 in Housing Trust Funds that enabled us to make 15 of the units more affordable, 10 of which rent for only $370/month! We continue to manage this property which has a majority of tenants with disabilities of various natures. We just obtained HUD permanent financing and report monthly to HUD on our financial position and pass regular HUD inspections.


Pacific Blue Inn Project – This is a Bed & Breakfast 9 room Inn with 2 residential units for a total of 11 units. It also has a commercial kitchen, lobby area and dining room. Completed in 2008, we hold this property under a newly formed LLC and have been successful in creating a positive cash flow within 1 year of operation during a devastating recession. Go to www.pacificblueinn.com for more information.


Courtyard Commons-605 Pacific Avenue-8 – 650 sq. ft. condominium units. The first "Small Ownership Unit" (SOU) project approved and completed in the County of Santa Cruz, this project is located in the heart of downtown Santa Cruz offering residents easy access to downtown shops/ restaurants/theater and the beautiful beach and boardwalk.

Paget Avenue
931 Paget Avenue – 4 – 1350 sq. ft. single level, wheelchair accessible, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath single family homes. 1 of these houses was sold to a woman that uses a wheelchair and 1 is rented to another woman with a severe mobility related disability that will eventually require her to use a wheelchair. Her house is rented at $600 per month below market rent allowing her to afford the house. (This was not required by any municipality.)


Felix Street Project240 Felix Street – 3 – 2500 sq. ft. “townhouse” style condominiums with a 2 car garage in each. All units either have an elevator or are “elevator ready” if someone needs to put one in. All of these units are being held as rental property.

Campbell Street Project - 120 Campbell Street-  2 - 1300 sq. ft. 3 bedrooms, 2 bath condominiums that are fully  wheelchair accessible. Although not required by the City, we sold 1 of the units to a person that uses a wheelchair for $25,000 less than our asking price and gave him a $25,000 3% 15 year deferred loan to help him buy the unit.  

Bixby Street Project - 125 Bixby Street- This is another 2 unit 1500 sq. ft. 3 bedrooms, 2 bath condominium project. These units are elevator "readdy" to provide wheelchair access to the 2nd floor. We continue to hold these units and rent them out.

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