Easy Access Developers, LLC a Santa Cruz, California based real estate development firm

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About Us

Easy Access Developers was formed in 2002.  Frustrated with Wall Street and the uncertainties in stock and real estate syndications we set out to create a company that not only provided a decent return to investors, but was also socially responsible. So far, the company has provided excellent returns to investors as can be seen by their track record as follows:

Easy Access Developers has successfully undertaken a number of development projects in Santa Cruz
totaling over 100 individual units.  In projects where investors were invited to participate, the typical rate of return to investors was 20% or greater per annum.  Projects were completed within 12-41 months, and were either sold following approval of the building plans or were built out and sold following the completion of construction.  These projects included the Mission & Baldwin Mixed-Use project, Laurel St. Mixed Use project, Campbell Project, Paget Project, Frederick St. Mixed-Use Project; Soquel Redwood Commons Apartment Project, Bixby Project, Felix Project and others.



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