Easy Access Developers, LLC a Santa Cruz, California based real estate development firm

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Helping the intelligent investor with creative, socially conscience, universally designed real estate investments.

Easy Access Developers, LLC is a Santa Cruz, California based real estate development firm that has been developing properties for Santa Cruz residents since 2002. Our skill and integrity has earned us a reputation as one of the City's most socially conscience and eco friendly development firms. We specialize in bringing people together to form partnerships that benefit both the investor as well as the community. Our most recent offering, La Orilla Del Mar, is part of a 15 year plan that is in it's 5th year of development. We have developed relationships with land owners that put us in a position to create value from owner cooperation.  We boast an average 85% return on investment for our past completed projects.

Custom Mixed Use and Residential Buildings

If you have vision, your an Easy Access Developer potential partner. Infill development is our specialty. We create beauty where the community needs it and our investors benefit from it. The majority of our projects are higher density with some commercial component. We're taking advantage of the nationwide trend to live closer to where you work with a more simplistic life style. Not only does the environment benefit but society benefits as well. 

Our "Process"

We manage all stages development in each of our projects. From choosing a site, determining it's highest and best use and designing the most efficient and attractive building to getting permits, preparing construction documents and overseeing construction. We do it all. We form alliances with investors, architects, structural engineers, and specialized trades people to make even the most difficult of projects look easy.

Easy Access Developers is known for:

  • Going beyond ADA requirements for universal design.
  • Acurate cost analysis at early stages of development.
  • Eco-freindly construction.
  • 100% of our proposed projects have been approved by City and County authorities.
  • Solid returns on investment.
  • Our ability to create and maintain partnerships and associations with professionals and property owners.
  • Honesty, integrity, and great value.

How Can You Participate?

Contact us at
info@easyaccessdevelopersllc.com or call 831-713-5657 to get more information on our current La Orilla Del Mar offering, a mixed use City of Santa Cruz development.

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